Event ID - 8231

Event Id8231
DescriptionPermanent failure reported by policy group provider for CN=Recipient Policies,CN=Name,CN=MicrosoftExchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=Name,DC=com:MAD.EXE, error=8000ffff. Taking provider offline.
Event InformationCAUSE: The issue can occur because of an invalid or third-party e-mail address generator. The generator may be present on any recipient policy. If you do not find the address generator in a recipient policy, check Remote sites/Administrative Groups for the invalid or third-party e-mail address generator. If such an invalid e-mail address is added to the gatewayProxy attribute of a Recipient Update Service, the Recipient Update Service no longer updates objects.
RESOLUTION: To resolve this issue, either manually copy the missing DLL file from an existing Exchange Server 5.5 computer, or disable that particular address type so that the Recipient Update Service no longer attempts to load the DLL.
Reference Links XADM: Recipient Update Service Does Not Stamp Proxy Addresses

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