Event ID - 8183

Event Id8183
DescriptionCould not import the entry <object name> into the directory server <server name> in the second attempt.<connection agreement name>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event indicates that the Active Directory Connector (ADC) was unable to import the entry (specified in the Description section of the event) on the second attempt. There may be other related events (8270, 8109, 8021, etc.) preceding or succeeding this event that indicate what the underlying cause for this failure is.
1. There may be duplicate entries in one of the (multi-valued) attributes of the object being imported. This is especially true if the object being imported is a Distribution Group.
2. These events may be logged by the ADC if specific objects are not being updated correctly. Most replication might be occurring correctly, but for these specific objects, a change in Active Directory is not replicating to the Exchange Server 5.5 object. The ADC correctly replicates the non-security related attributes for objects but does not replicate security related changes because of permissions issues.
1. Search for duplicate entries in the attribute, and then remove one of them.
2. Use the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program to check the permissions on the Site object, and then look to see if the account that is listed on the Exchange 5.5 tab of the recipient Connection Agreement has Permissions Admin privileges for the Site object in 5.5.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeADDXA)

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