Event ID - 8182

Event Id8182
DescriptionCould not import the entry cn=testuser,cn=Recipients,ou=OU1,o=Org into the directory server DOMAINPDC in the second attempt. (Connection Agreement TestADC)
Event InformationMicrosoft says :
The user account that was used to configure the Active Directory connection agreement does not possess adequate user rights to perform replication within the connection agreement.
With two-way replication, the specified Microsoft Exchange and Windows authentication type and credentials must be able to write to and read from both the Exchange folder and Windows 2000 Server Active Directory.
With one-way replication, the authentication type and credentials must have Read access to the export folder from which the information is replicated, and Write access to the import folder to which the information is replicated.
If replication is not working from Active Directory to the Exchange server, configure the connection to use the Exchange Service Account.
Or, configure the Active Directory connector to connect as a user account that has been assigned administrative permission to the recipients container on the Exchange server.
If replication is not working from the Exchange server to Active Directory, add the user to the Domain Administrators group in Active Directory.
Reference LinksActive Directory Connector Generates Event 8182

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