Event ID - 8178

Event Id8178
DescriptionThe directory schema on server <server name> is missing the following attribute types required for Connection Agreement <connection agreement name> to work properly: <attribute name>. Make sure thatthe directory service on <server name> was restarted after the Connection Agreementwas created. If it was, either the Connection Agreement is not configured properly or the directory service on the server was re-installed after the Connection Agreement was setup. Please re-create the Connection Agreement.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event may occur during replication of a connection agreement when the Active Directory Connector cannot read a directory due to missing attribute types.
SOX001019700148: This error may occur due to a corrupted Active Directory or corrupted Active Directory entries. Make sure that objects listed in accompanying 8182 or 8021 events have attributes, such as the Assoc-NT-Account, that do not have values mismatching their field types.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeADDXA)

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