Event ID - 8139

Event Id8139
DescriptionThe target object '' was modified after the source object '' Consequently, the following set of updates will not be applied to the target object. If this warning persists, make sure that the time is correctly set on both the source and target servers.
Event InformationAccording To Microsoft:
This event indicates that while the Active Directory Connector (ADC) was processing the objects for replication, it found that a target object (which it was trying to write to) was modified after (that is, more recently than) the source object was modified. Therefore, the ADC will not write any of the changes to the target object. If this error persists, then there is a possibility of data loss.

This issue can occur if there is a time-skew between the servers from which the ADC is reading the information. The ADC reads information from a domain controller (or global catalog) and an Exchange Server. If these servers have a time skew between them, this issue can occur. Also, if a target object is modified manually between replication cycles, this issue might occur.

Verify that there is no time-skew between the servers that the ADC is talking to.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.6940.0 Event Source: MSADC Event ID: 8139

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