Event ID - 8124

Event Id8124
DescriptionProcessing of the Connection Agreement <connection agreement name> has been stopped due to aninvalid configuration. Check the event log for more information.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This message follows a previous, related message. That message will usually indicate a missing import or export container, or that the Connection Agreement was created or modified by a different version of Active Directory Connector (ADC).
1. This event can occur if one of the source containers that is specified on the From Windows tab of the specific connection agreement was renamed, deleted, or moved to another location in Active Directory.
2. This event can occur if the Export Containers specified in the properties of the Config CA are not available.
1. To resolve this issue, note the source containers that are specified in the preceding Event ID 8117 error message, and then make sure that the organizational unit that is mentioned in that error message was not renamed, deleted, or moved. Also make sure that the permissions for that organizational unit were not changed.
2. Use the ADS Edit to check the msexchserver1exportcontainer, msexchserver2exportcontainer, msexchserver1importcontainer and msexchserver2importcontainer attributes on the config_ca and make sure that the specified containers exist.
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