Event ID - 8118

Event Id8118
DescriptionCould not locate the export container <object name>. Make sure that theconfigured container exists, or that the account in the Connection Agreementhas permissions to access the container. Replication stopped for thisConnection Agreement. <connection agreement name>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event can occur during replication of a connection agreement, and will usually be preceded or succeeded by an Event ID 8124. This event indicates that the Active Directory Connector (ADC) could not find an export container specified in the properties of the Config CA or Recipient CA.
This event can occur if the Config CA or the Recipient CA references an export or import container that is not available (for example, a deleted container). In the Sample Event shown below, the invalid container was the SITE container, which had been deleted on the Exchange 5.5 side of the environment. Pay close attention to the path specified in the Description section of the event to determine the cause of the event.
1. Note the source containers that are specified in the event ID 8118 error message. Use the Exchange 5.x administration program to determine if the recipient container that is mentioned in the error message, was not deleted.
2. Make sure that the export containers specified in the event are available. If not, modify the properties of the Config CA or Recipient CA and choose a valid export container.
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