Event ID - 8092

Event Id8092
DescriptionMAPI Section c:\eddie\florence.003\00000001.PRI Line: 129 Stream operation failure. Error code: 0x80040108
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The new cc:Mail source extractor now migrates Personal Mailing Lists as well. However, this new addition causes a regression bug with Bulletin Board migrations, particularly during a one-step migration.
There are a few workarounds:
1. Select the two-step migration rather than the one-step option.
2. Do not select the migration of both Bulletin Board messages and Personal Mailing Lists during the one-step migration.
3. Obtain the latest fixed version of the migration wizard.
Reference LinksXFOR: One-Step Migration for Lotus cc:Mail fails with Errors 8092 and 8002

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