Event ID - 8072

Event Id8072
DescriptionDirectory Section C:\Exchsrvr\Bin\GrpWise.005\Directory.PRI Line: 5 Unexpected MAPI error.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This issue can occur if the migrated user exists on the Exchange Server computer as a user or custom recipient. Confirm that the administrator has manually created a user in Exchange Server with the same name as the migrated user.
If the users were created manually on Exchange Server, delete one of the mailboxes that was created manually and the Microsoft Windows NT account associated with it. If this procedure does not solve the problem, perform one of the procedures that is described in the "Workaround" section of the Article Q294351.
If all the GroupWise users are going to be migrated at the same time, you can reply to old GroupWise addresses in the migrated messages. In this case, use the following procedure:
1. If the account already exists in Exchange Server, add the GroupWise proxy address of the GroupWise users mailbox in Exchange Server, so that Exchange Server knows where to import the mail.
2. Click to clear the Information to create mailboxes check box.
3. If you still are experiencing issues, clear the password in GroupWise, otherwise there may be some corruption in Novell Domain Server (NDS).
If the number of the users staying on GroupWise is large, obtain GroupWise client version 5.2 to use in the migration. In this scenario, the SMTP messages that were originally received in the users GroupWise mailbox after they are migrated cannot be replied to because the senders address is incomplete or invalid.
Reference LinksQ294351 :Cannot Transfer GroupWise Mail Messages from the Novell Server to Exchange Server 5.5

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