Event ID - 8070

Event Id8070
DescriptionThe Connection Agreement <connection agreement name> on directory <directory name> could not be loaded due to anerror. Make sure that the Connection Agreement is configured properly.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event indicates that the Active Directory Connector (ADC) service could not load a connection agreement because of an internal error. There may be a network problem, or you may not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation, or the connection agreement may be configured incorrectly.
1. This event can occur if the Exchange Service Account Password for has been changed and the corresponding change has not been made in the ADC Management console.
2. These errors can occur when either a Config CA or Recipient CA references an Exchange source container that is no longer available.
1. Open the ADC Management Console and retype the password for the Exchange Service Account.
2. Modify the properties of the Config CA or Recipient CA appropriately to remove the invalid source containers.
Reference LinksExchange (MSExchangeADDXA)

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