Event ID - 8067

Event Id8067
DescriptionMAPI Section C:\IMAP.001\00000003.SEC Secondary file BODY header line. Unable to allocate memory. Referenced by primary file: <Location>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This behavior occurs when you do the following:
1. You create an Imapuser.csv user list file.
2. You run the Migration Wizard, you click Migrate from Internet Mail (IMAP4), and you then click Extract migration files only.
3. You run the Migration Wizard again, you click Import from Migration Files, and you then click Migrate to .pst files in the Migration Destination dialog box.
During the file extraction process, the IMAP4 extractor extracts the mailbox contents to Interchange File Format (IFF) files. Although the Migration Wizard user interface does not prevent you from importing IFF files that are generated from an IMAP4 extract, the migration from these IFF files to personal folder files is not supported by the Migration Wizard.
To work around this behavior, do not use the Migration Wizard to convert the mailboxes to personal folder files. Use the Migration Wizard to migrate the messages directly from an IMAP4-based messaging system to a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange. You can then use Microsoft Outlook to export the mailbox contents to personal folder files.
Reference LinksEvent ID 8067 is logged when you try to migrate mailboxes from an IMAP4 server to .pst files by using the Migration Wizard in Exchange

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