Event ID - 7

Event Id7
SourcePOP Intrusion Detection Filter
DescriptionThe 1 created the log file directory 2 due to logging configuration changes.
Event InformationAccording To Microsoft:
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) allows applications to access data in a database management system (DBMS). It uses a connection object to access the data source. The ADO connection object could not be opened probably due to one of the following reasons:The service does not have appropriate permission.Low resources on the computer.MSDE service (MSSQL$MSFW) is not started.

Close other programs that are running. Use the Task Manager to check programs and proceses using large amounts of system resources. For information about managing memory resources, see Windows help.Verify that MSDE service is started. In ISA Server Management, click Monitoring. On the services tab, right-click the MSDE service and then click Start. Verify that you have assigned appropriate permissions for the ISA Server services
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Internet Security and Acceleration Server Version: 4.0.3443.594 Event Source: POP Intrusion Detection Filter Event ID: 7

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