Event ID - 7301

Event Id7301
DescriptionCould not obtain a required interface from OLE DB provider %ls.
Event InformationCAUSE:
The specified provider could not be opened, or the specified provider does not support the requested operation. Starting with SQL Server 2000 SP3, additional information will be passed through from the provider and will print after the provider name. This additional information may help you to isolate the exact cause of the problem.

1. Verify that the specified provider exists.
2. If you are running a version prior to SQL Server 2000 SP3, use the trace flag 7300 to get additional information from the provider. This additional information is not available from all providers.
3. Check the documentation for the installed version of the specified provider to verify that it supports the requested operation.
4. If a more recent version of the provider exists, you may want to test your operation with the newer version of the provider.
5. Try another method of querying your remote system. For example, some providers support the OPENQUERY syntax but not four part names. So if a four-part name query fails, test with OPENQUERY.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 7301

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