Event ID - 721

Event Id721
DescriptionMicrosoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager was interrupted before processing was complete - error no = c00002d1. The Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager has completed processing mailboxes
Started at: Start-Time
Stopped at: End-Time
Mailboxes processed: Processed-Mailbox-Total
Messages moved: Moved-Messages-Total
Size of moved messages: Moved-Messages-Size-Total
Deleted messages: Deleted-Messages-Total
Size of deleted messages: Deleted-Messages-Size-Total.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The trace log captures information such as: the object that was affected by the Mailbox Manager utility, the number of messages that were deleted, the type of event that took place, and the time of a given deletion. Trace log titles are in a MCAyyyymmdd.log format, where yyyy is the year, mm the month, and dd the day. They can be found in the same folder that the Mailbox Manager utility is installed in (the C:\Mbxman folder by default). Trace logs are in CSV format and can be opened in any spreadsheet application, for example, Microsoft Excel. Trace log files can be very large; delete unwanted log files periodically to recover disk space.
Reference LinksMailbox Manager logging levels in Exchange Server

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