Event ID - 7001

Event Id7001
DescriptionListener Adapter protocol '%1' failed to connect to Windows Process Activation Service due to identity permissions mismatch. Cause: Configured Identity for protocol '%1' in ApplicationHost.config does not match identity of process '%2' hosting Listener Adapter. Fix: Ensure that the identity for protocol '%1' is configured correctly in ApplicationHost.config.
Event Information According to Microsoft :
Cause :
This event is logged when Listener Adapter protocol failed to connect to Windows Process Activation Service due to identity permissions mismatch.
Resolution :
Repair the listener adapter identity
The listenerAdapters section in the ApplicationHost.config file defines the protocols with which the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) binds.
Each listener adapter has a name attribute that contains the name of the protocol that the listener adapter processes, and an identity attribute that contains the account name that is used to help secure communication with the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS). If there is an error in the listener adapter identity, the listener adapter will be unable to communicate with WAS, and the listener adapter will be unable to process requests for the protocol for which it is defined.
To resolve this issue, examine the identity attribute for the listener adapter in the ApplicationHost.config configuration file and repair the identity as needed.
To perform this procedure, you must have membership in Administrators , or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.
To examine and modify the listener adapter identity:
1.Open an elevated Command Prompt window. Click Start , point to All Programs , click Accessories , right-click Command Prompt , and then click Run as administrator .
2.Type cd %Windir%\system32\inetsrv\config
3.Type notepad ApplicationHost.config
4.In notepad, search for the listenerAdapters section under system.applicationHost .
5.Verify the identity for the listener adapter that is failing, and correct any errors.
6.Save the ApplicationHost.config file, and exit notepad.
Verify :
You can use an Internet browser to verify that a protocol adapter is functional by following these steps:
1.Select a Web site or application that is configured to respond to the protocol you want to verify.
2.In the address bar of your browser, type a protocol-specific request to the Web site or applications that you chose in step 1.
3.If the protocol adapter is working, your browser client should display the expected output page.
Note : If the protocol adapter is from a third party, refer to the documentation for the adapter. The documentation may have specific steps that explain how to verify the state of the service or process that hosts the protocol adapter.
Reference LinksEvent ID 7001 from Microsoft-Windows-WAS-ListenerAdapter

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