Event ID - 7000

Event Id7000
DescriptionCould not migrate PAB file for account: <user id>. PAB (MMF)Path <path to mmf file>.
Event InformationWhen you migrate Microsoft Mail users to Microsoft Exchange Server, this event id along with an event 7007 from the same source may found in event viewer.

These events usually occur when the user being migrated has the Microsoft Mail Windows client open; this locks the mail message file (MMF) located on the Microsoft Mail postoffice.
These events can also occur if the password written to the mail message file (MMF) is different than the account password on the Microsoft Mail Post Office.

Note: This situation can occur if the Mail Administrator recovers the users password and performs a migration before the user logs into the Microsoft Mail client to synchronize the mmf password to the recovered password on the Post Office.
To resolve this problem:
a.  Ensure all users being migrated have logged off the Microsoft Mail client prior to migration.
b.  Ensure all users that have had their password recovered by the Microsoft Mail Administrator program have logged on and off the Microsoft Mail client prior to migration to ensure the password on the mmf is synch- ronized to the recovered password on the Post Office.

For more information click on the following MS articles.
Reference LinksMS Mail Migration Stops with Event ID 7000 and 7007

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