Event ID - 646

Event Id646
DescriptionComputer Account Changed:

Target Account Name: < Target Account Name>
      Target Domain: < Target Domain>
      Target Account ID: < Target Account ID>
      Caller User Name: < Caller User Name>
      Caller Domain: < Caller Domain>
      Caller Logon ID: < Caller Logon ID>
      Privileges: < Privileges>     

Changed Attributes:
      Sam Account Name: < Sam Account Name>
      Display Name: < Display Name>
      User Principal Name: < User Principal Name>
      Home Directory: < Home Directory>
      Home Drive: <Home Drive>
      Script Path: <Script Path>
      Profile Path: <Profile Path>
      User Workstations: <User Workstations>
      Password Last Set: <Password Last Set>
      Account Expires: <Account Expires>
      Primary Group ID: <Primary Group ID>
      AllowedToDelegateTo: <AllowedToDelegateTo>
      Old UAC Value: <Old UAC Value>
      New UAC Value: <New UAC Value>
      User Account Control: <User Account Control>
      User Parameters: <User Parameters>
      Sid History: <Sid History>
      Logon Hours: <Logon Hours>
      DNS Host Name: <DNS Host Name>
      Service Principal Names:<Service Principal Names>     

Event InformationIf multiple domain controllers can process the request to add a computer to the domain, this event will logged in to security log of all DomainControllers.
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