Event ID - 6312

Event Id6312
DescriptionThe server encountered an unexpected error while performing an operation for a rules extension.ERR: MMS(3576): tower.cpp(521): DN mismatch for phantom export: row (DN=CN=Mike Smith (Central Financial Services),OU=Disabled Users,OU=MIIS,DC=Microsoft,DC=com), tower(old DN=CN=Mike Smith,OU=Disabled Users,OU=MIIS,DC=Microsoft,DC=com) BAIL: MMS(3576): tower.cpp(522): 0x8023031c.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This problem occurs because reference attributes and renaming those reference attributes is mishandled.
1. Apply this hotfix to the MIIS server.
2.Add the following registry setting. The registry key to enable this behavior is located in a new parameter subkey that has been introduced to store per-MA-instance registry parameters. If the MA name is "MyMA", the registry key would be the following:
Reference LinksHow to obtain the latest Identity Integration Feature Pack (IIFP) cumulative hotfix package
How to obtain the latest Microsoft Identity Integration Services 2003 cumulative hotfix package

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