Event ID - 6087

Event Id6087
Description"No message type can be found in the header file. On the GroupWise server, the corresponding error is in the GroupWise API gateways log: 10-15-99 09:57:27 Processing outbound message... 10-15-99 09:57:28 Error getting information from the GroupWise message 10-15-99 09:57:28 Info - No active recipients "
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This problem is caused by a damaged Foreign domain document for Exchange Server in the GroupWise post office.
To resolve this problem, in the GroupWise Administrator program:
1. In the Link Configuration utility, unlink the existing External Foreign domain for Exchange Server.
2. Delete the existing External Foreign domain for Exchange Server.
3. Recreate a new External Foreign domain for Exchange Server.
4. Run the Link Configuration utility, and link the External Foreign domain for Exchange Server to the API gateway.
5. Run directory synchronization between Exchange Server and GroupWise again.
NOTE: For more information about creating External Foreign domains and configuring the link tables, refer to the documentation included with the Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise.
Reference LinksNo Mail Flow from GroupWise to Exchange Server - Event ID 6087

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