Event ID - 6062

Event Id6062
DescriptionFail on dispatching message \\EXCHSRVR\connect$\exchconn\gwrouter\MEX2GW\74f3fd1b.api from \\EXCHSRVR\connect$\exchconn\gwrouter\MEX2GW\
Event Information"According to Microsoft:
The API Gateway is incorrectly configured to supply a GroupWise-type address for all mail, whereas the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise only supports the component-type address. For GroupWise 5.x systems, this setting is set through the Addressing Format button on the Required Parameters tab in the API Gateway object. For GroupWise 4.x systems, this setting is set through the Addressing Format option within the Specific menu option in the API Gateway properties.
This issue can occur because the GWROUTER service is designed to move e-mail messages from Exchange to the API_IN and ATT_IN folders in the API gateway on the Novell server, and then rename the file from xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx.api to enable the GroupWise message transfer agent (MTA) to pick up the message. If these files are in use by another process (for example, an antivirus program or another gateway polling the API folder on the Novell Server), the preceding error messages are logged in the Application event log.
For GroupWise 5.x:
1. Start NetWare Administrator.
2. Double-click the API Gateway object.
3. Click the Required Parameters button.
4. Change the Addressing Format from GroupWise to Component.
5. Click OK.
6. Stop the API Gateway.
7. Restart the ADA.
8. Start the API Gateway.
For GroupWise 4.x:
1. Start the Ad.exe program within a command prompt.
2. Tab over to the System window.
3. Highlight the API Gateway object.
4. From the menu, select Actions, then Edit.
5. Tab over to the Specific radio button, or press the S key.
6. Change the Addressing Format from GroupWise to Component.
7. Stop the API Gateway.
8. Restart the Message Server.
9. Start the API Gateway. "
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Event ID 6062 6066 and 6067 with the GroupWise Connector

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