Event ID - 60102

Event Id60102
Description"UPDATE entry details: DN: f7afa2e9-b053f1db-852567be-4a3f83 TA: NOTES:Ralph Jones/LotusOrg@LotusOrg ACCOUNT: COMPANY: DEPARTMENT: FULLNAME: Ralph Jones FIRSTNAME: Ralph ALIAS: Ralph Jo OFFICE: LASTNAME: Jones NOTESADDR: USNCreated: Initials: Title: Phone: MobilePhn: Fax:"
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This event occurs because an Exchange Server custom recipient has been created for this Lotus Notes user prior to the dirsync process. When the Notes-to-Exchange Server dirsync is started, Exchange Server cannot create a custom recipient because a custom recipient already exists in Exchange Server for that user.
Changes made to the Lotus Notes Address Book are correctly synchronized to Exchange Server, so these events can be dismissed in this situation.
This only occurs if logging is set to Maximum on the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes. To prevent getting these events, set logging to Minimum or None.
Reference LinksXADM: Event 6206 after Lotus Notes Directory Synchronization

XFOR: Dirsync from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server May Generate Events 6206 and 60102

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