Event ID - 595

Event Id595
DescriptionIndirect access to an object has been obtained:
      Object Type: < Object Type>
      Object Name: < Object Name>
      Process ID: < Process ID>
      Primary User Name: < Primary User Name>
      Primary Domain: < Primary Domain>
      Primary Logon ID: < Primary Logon ID>
      Client User Name: < Client User Name>
      Client Domain: < Client Domain>
      Client Logon ID: < Client Logon ID>
      Accesses: < Accesses>     

Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Cause :
One operation performed by Windows 2000 that causes an access check on an object when creating another object is connecting to a local procedure call (LPC) port. This audit record is used to describe that operation.
Reference LinksEvent ID 595 from Source Security

Alternate Event ID in Vista and Windows Server 2008 is 4691.

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