Event ID - 5896

Event Id5896
Description"An HTTP Status of 404 - Not Found occurred while attempting to deliver a message. Please check the URL in the registry. Message subject: = ***** = URL: http://001DC001/MSCRMServices/­CrmEmail.srf "
Event Information
This information from newsgroups may help you:
(Note: the original warning specified the URL http://001DC001/MSCRMServices/­CrmEmail.srf with two forward slashes (//) between 001DC001 and MSCRMServices. (i.e http://001DC001//MSCRMServices­/CrmEmail.srf) however we searched for the line in the registry and changed the registry so as only to have one forward slash. As we assumed this was a syntax error entered during the installation.) Followed immediately by the error;
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