Event ID - 54

Event Id54
DescriptionConversion of message failed and the message was moved to the Bad directory.
Event InformationCAUSE:
The cc:Mail Export.exe program is not finishing exporting a message with a PC Paintbrush (PCX) attachment.
To work around this problem: 1. On the Exchange Server computer, check the Exchsrvr\Ccmcdata\Bad folder. Open several of the files located there with Notepad and confirm that they are all from the same user (or are copies of the same message). 2. Locate the message in the cc:Mail post office queue that corresponds to the files from the Exchsrvr\Ccmcdata\Bad folder. 3. After you locate the problem message in the queue, forward it to another cc:Mail mailbox, and delete it from the cc:Mail post office queue. 4. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail. The queued messages should now be sent from cc:Mail to Exchange Server.
Reference LinksMessages Queued at Lotus cc:Mail Post Office, Event ID 54

CCMC Event 54 Conversion of Message Failed

Messages Containing .PCX Attachments May Crash CCMC

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