Event ID - 5477

Event Id5477
DescriptionPAStore Engine failed to add quick mode filter.
Quick Mode Filter:%t%t%1
Error Code:%t%t%2
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Cause :
This event is logged when PAStore Engine failed to add quick mode filter.
Resolution :
Restart the computer
In specific situations when memory resources are extremely low, the IPsec Policy Agent service cannot function correctly.
To recover from this situation without compromising security, you must restart the computer. You cannot just free up memory by closing programs, and you cannot just restart the service. After the computer restarts, consider running fewer applications on the computer to place less of a load on memory resources.
If the problem occurs frequently, you might need to add memory to the computer in order to avoid the low resources situation.
To examine memory usage on the computer:
1.Log on to the computer.
2.Right-click the taskbar, and then clickTask Manager.
3.Click the Applications tab and make sureStatus of all tasks isRunning. If any tasks have a Status of Not responding, you should consider ending the task by clickingEnd Task.
4.Click theProcesses tab.
5.ClickMemory and investigate processes that are using a lot of memory.
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