Event ID - 542

Event Id542
DescriptionIKE security association ended.
Mode: Data Protection (Quick mode) Filter:
Inbound SPI:
Outbound SPI:
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
Cause :
The IP Security Key Exchange security association has been torn down. It can no longer be used to set up new Data Protection security associations.


The Windows 2000 IPSec APIs and policy schema have not been published yet. IPSec and IKE identity-protect mode (main mode and quick mode) do not lend themselves to program-based, connection-oriented APIs. IPSec is not intended as a replacement for the SSL/TLS connection-oriented methods normally used to secure Web communications. The Windows 2000 definition of policy is a set of IPSec-specific settings that can be delivered to and then applied to the host. Policy implies static settings/data that have not been evaluated on the enforcement point of the end-computer that receives these settings. The typical IPSec deployment is for a domain administrator to configure an IPSec policy in Active Directory as needed for clients, servers, and other special-purpose computers, and then assign it and deliver it by using the Group Policy system. You can also fully configure the IPSec policy. Microsoft intends to change the policy storage formats in future releases of Windows. Therefore, the Windows IPSec directory policy and local registry storage formats are considered a Microsoft private, unpublished data structure.
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