Event ID - 511

Event Id511
DescriptionError {Access denied}: The application failed while processing.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This issue can occur if you set an incorrect password for the NetWare account in the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise properties in the Exchange Administrator program or the Exchange System Manager. This issue may also occur if the password for the NetWare account has been changed, but it has not been updated in the connector properties.
The NetWare account is used to connect to the API gateway on the NetWare server that is hosting GroupWise. This account must have Read and Write permissions to the API_IN, API_OUT, ATT_IN, and ATT_OUT directories.
1. Open the properties of the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise.
2. Click the General tab, and then click the Modify button under the GroupWise connection parameter.
3. Enter the NetWare account and the password that is used to access the GroupWise API.
4.Configure the API Gateway path correctly before you start the dirsync process.
Reference LinksContinuous Retry of GroupWise Dirsync If Options Tab Not Configured

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