Event ID - 5007

Event Id5007
DescriptionAn error occurred during the message tracking decode operation. <error code>. <error message>
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This event typically occurs when Message Tracking cannot write to its log file. This event indicates that Message Tracking is not functional.
1. This event is generated by errors that prevent a file write of the Message Tracking log file. This file is normally in the same path as the Exchange installation. It is in the directory <Exchangeservername>.log. Possible causes for this error include Exchange installation disk full, removed, or disabled; per-directory file limit exceeded; <Exchangeservername>.log directory renamed or deleted.
2. This problem can occur if an invalid virtual server name has been passed to the System Attendant.
3. This behavior can occur because the msExchDataPath attribute on the server object is not pointing to the correct directory on the hard drive.
User Action :
1. The path to the Message Tracking log directory must be restored.
2. The disk where Exchange was installed may need to repaired or replaced, or have files deleted/moved to create space.
3. The directory that has the Message Tracking log may need to be re-created or renamed to <Exchangeservername>.log.
4. Make sure that the msExchDataPath attribute is pointing to a valid directory on the hard drive.
5. Stop and restart the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service.
Reference LinksAn error occurred during the message tracking decode operation

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