Event ID - 5006

Event Id5006
DescriptionThe Calendar Connector is shutting down due to an unrecoverable error.
Event Information Cause:

These symptoms appear when the public information store is deleted or moved to another Exchange Server computer.

Resolution :

Although MAPI mail clients can be re-directed to a public information store (Pub.edb), the Exchange Calendar Connector explicitly requires access to the local Exchange Server computers public information store to complete its initialization routines.

The Exchange Server administrator must change a configuration setting on the server to force the calendar connector to stay focused on the local public information store. This can be done by following these steps: Start the Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator program. Go to the current server object and expand the properties to reveal the Private Information Store and Public Information Store objects.

NOTE: If you do not see the Public Information Store object, it has not yet been added to the Exchange Server. Ensure that this is done before you continue.

Click to select the Private Information Store, click File menu, and then click Properties to open its properties.

Click the General tab, and look for the public folder server setting near the bottom of the dialog box.
Change the server name to now point to itself rather than to a remote server.

This causes all MAPI clients to access the local replica for F/B information rather than using another server. This also enables the Calendar Connector to successfully sign on to the public information store locally.
Reference LinksXFOR: Calendar Connector Fails with MAPI Error 80004005

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