Event ID - 5000

Event Id5000
DescriptionSQL Server could not start the Snapshot Agent.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

The SQL Server Agent service is not running on the Publisher.
When you click Finish on the final page of the New Publication Wizard, a publication is created, and articles are added. Replication then creates a SQL Agent job that is used to run the Snapshot Agent. If, on the Snapshot Agent page, you selected Run the Snapshot Agent immediately to create the first snapshot (the default), the job is run immediately after it is created. If the SQL Server Agent service is not running, it cannot run the job and therefore cannot start the Snapshot Agent.

Start the SQL Server Agent service and then run the job manually.

Starting the SQL Server Agent service
NOTE: You can run the New Publication Wizard if you are a member of the database role db_owner in the publication database. However, you must be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role to start or stop the SQL Server Agent service.

To start the service: in Object Explorer, right-click the SQL Server Agent node for the Publisher, and then click Start.

Running the job manually

After the SQL Server Agent service is started, the job associated with the Snapshot Agent will run at the next scheduled time. The job associated with the agent is named in the form ServerName-PublicationDatabaseName-PublicationName-Integer. Set the schedule for the agent in either the New Publication Wizard or the Publication Properties dialog box.To run the job manually before the next scheduled time: in Object Explorer, expand the SQL Server Agent node for the Publisher. Expand Jobs, right-click the job associated with the Snapshot Agent, and then click Start Job. The Snapshot Agent runs and generates the snapshot files. The files are delivered to Subscribers the next time the Distribution Agent (for transactional or snapshot publications) or Merge Agent (for merge publications) runs.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 9.0 Event Source: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.PubWizardErrorSR Event ID: 5000

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