Event ID - 5000

Event Id5000
SourceMSExchangeIS Event
DescriptionUnable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. Error 0x80040154.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This problem occurs because the Exchange 2000 Server Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Service extensions are either missing or corrupted. This behavior causes loss of functionality between Exchange 2000 and the SMTP Service, which is a necessary service that is installed as a subcomponent of Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) version 5.0.
To resolve the behavior in Exchange 2000:
1. Install the necessary IIS 5.0 components that are listed in Step 3 g in the "Resolution" section of this article.
2. Restore the Exchange 2000 SMTP service extensions. To do so, either reinstall Exchange Server 2000 or use the Smtpreinstall.exe utility that is included with Exchange 2000 SP2 on servers that are running Exchange 2000 SP2 or later.
Reference LinksMSExchangeIS Event ID 5000, 9538, and 9098 Messages Occur in Small Business Server 2000

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