Event ID - 482

Event Id482
Description%1 (%2) %3An attempt to write to the file "%4" at offset %5 for %6 bytes failed after %10 seconds with system error %8: "%9". The write operation will fail with error %7. If this error persists then the file may be damaged and may need to be restored from a previous backup.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft

An unexpected error was encountered while writing to the file specified in the message.
The most common error associated with Event ID 482 found in the Description of the Event is ESE Error -1808, which means that the disk is full. One cause of receiving this error is that the disk may actually be full, and the database or the current transaction log cannot be written to because the disk is full. Another cause for ESE Error -1808 is that the file system may be FAT32, which has a limit of 4 GB.
Another error that is found in the Description of Event ID 482 is ESE Error -1022. If Exchange asks the operating system for a page in the database, and an error occurs instead of the page data being returned, a -1022 error (JET_errDiskIO) results. The -1022 error is a generic error that appears whenever a disk input/output (I/O) problem prevents Exchange from gaining access to a requested page in the database. The most common reason for a -1022 error is a database file that was severely damaged or truncated.
Review the disk and file to which you are trying to write.
If the ESE Error is -1808, check to see if the disk where the database or logs reside is full. If it is, determine the root cause of why the disk filled up. Check the file system and make sure the file system is not FAT32.
If the ESE Error is -1022 and the error is caused by database damage in the file system, you need to verify or repair the file system, and then restore Exchange from a backup. Although repairing the database is still an option, repair is less likely to be successful than with the other errors because a -1022 error often signals extensive damage.
If the database is undamaged, another application may be holding files open and preventing the Information Store service from accessing them. In such cases, you might also see -1032 errors (JET_errFileAccessDenied). Restarting all of the Exchange services or restarting the server might remove the lock.
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