Event ID - 4300

Event Id4300
DescriptionUnable to initialize due to a bad configuration. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services. Error code=%1 [%2 %3 %4 %5] (16)
Event InformationThe Microsoft Exchange Server message transfer agent (MTA) may not start; one or both (9228/4300)of the following event IDs will be seen in the event viewer.
CAUSE: This is caused by an inadequate number of control blocks allocated to a transport stack. In the above error message, the "network type 2" refers to TP4 protocol. Two control blocks were requested; however, there is one allocated control blocks. The content of this error message may vary, dependent on the mis-configured control blocks for the network type.
Network Types Numbers
Type 0x01 TCP/IP RFC 1006
Type 0x02 TP4
Type 0x03 Eicon X.25
Type 0x04 Named pipes over RAS connection
Type 0x05 RPC
Reference LinksMTA Doesnt Start, Event IDs 9228 and 4300

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