Event ID - 4283

Event Id4283
DescriptionUnable to recognize an internal message identifier. Internal connection handle (LPI) <value>-<value>-<value> Error code: <error code> [<value> <value> <value> <value>] (14)
Event InformationExplanation :
The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) transport layer encountered an unexpected condition in communicating with the lower layer services. This usually indicates that a timing window closed during connection.

User Action :
Use Network Monitor to capture network traces, then view these traces from Network Monitor for any network issue. If the message flow is unaffected, ignore this condition. If the message flow stops, contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
Reference Links Event ID 4283, MTA May Stop Accepting Incoming Connections

The MTA stops accepting new connections and event ID 4283 is logged in Exchange 2000 Server

Mail Not Flowing Through X.400 Connectors and Events 4282, 4283, 4284, 4287, 1209, and 1198 Occur

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