Event ID - 4215

Event Id4215
DescriptionThe remote server is not defined as a subscription server.
Event Information"According to Microsoft

This error is returned when unreplicated transactions are the oldest transactions in the log, preventing truncation. To maintain transactional consistency, the transaction log for each database must keep a copy of all uncommitted transactions. If transactional replication is enabled, the transaction log must also keep all transactions that have been marked for replication but have not yet been read by the replication log reader agent.
Remove the unreplicated transactions from the log.
If you have an active transactional publication for this database, ensure that the Log Reader Agent is working correctly and has run recently.
If you are not using transactional replication in this database, you can execute sp_repldone and then completely remove replication from the database. Warning: If you execute sp_repldone manually, you can invalidate the order and consistency of delivered transactions. Therefore you should only execute sp_repldone if you are not actively using replication or if you plan to unpublish and then republish this database.
In some cases, replication may have been incompletely removed from the database. In scenarios where replication does not seem to exist in the database at all, you may need to enable the database for transactional replication, create a transactional publication, run sp_repldone, and then remove replication completely.
Now you can reissue your BACKUP command to truncate the log. If you wish, you can also choose to shrink the log at this point.
For more information about the transaction log, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 272318 and ""Checkpoints and the Active Portion of the Log"" in Books Online. "
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