Event ID - 4132

Event Id4132
DescriptionThe Internet Mail Service has failed attempting to deliver a report or system message and is deleting it, the spool file name can be found in the data section of this Event and this file can be found in the ARCHIVE directory.
Event InformationWhen you use the Internet Mail Connector (Exchange Server 4.0) or Internet Mail Service (Exchange Server 5.0 and 5.5) for directory replication with another site, this error may be generated in the application log, even if the Internet Mail Connector diagnostic logging is set to None.

CAUSE: One possible cause may be incorrect information in the Routing Address tab of the Connected Sites property page of the Internet Mail Connector. These errors may also be logged when the Internet Mail Connector is not able to resolve the remote Internet Mail Connector domain name or IP address. You should try verifying entries in DNS Manager.

REALATED IDs: 2001, 2006.

RESOLUTION: To work around this problem, perform the following:
1) Verify that the Routing Address tab in the Connected Sites property page of the Internet Mail Connector includes the correct information.
2) Make sure the DNS entries, "A record and MX record" are correct for the Exchange sites.
Reference Links Event ID 4132 When Using the IMC for Directory Replication

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