Event ID - 4122

Event Id4122
DescriptionAn error occurred while retrieving the originating address of a message to be delivered. Since the originating address is needed for mail delivery, the mail cannot be delivered. The message that was being processed has been moved to the "BAD" folder. Use the appropriate utilities found in the SUPPORT directory of your Exchange CD to view and manipulate these messages.
Event InformationThe following error message may be logged multiple times in the application event log, and e-mail messages may not be delivered or received:
CAUSE: This problem can occur if the Network Associates GroupShield antivirus software is running. The GroupShield software scans e-mail messages at the same time that the Internet Mail Service is processing them. This results in malformed e-mail addresses and generates the error message in the "Symptoms" section of this article, Event ID 4122.
RESOLUTION: To resolve this problem, configure GroupShield to omit the Internet Mail Service from its scanning routines.
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Error: "Event ID Error 4122"

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