Event ID - 4106

Event Id4106
DescriptionThe dial-up connection <phonebook entry name here>could not be made. The error reported was: [87] The parameter is incorrect.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
To solve this issue, perform the following the steps:
1. Create a new phonebook entry in the Dial-Up Connections tab of the Internet Mail Service or the Connections tab for Message Delivery. Create a new phonebook entry in the Dial-up networking phonebook with 20 or less characters in the name.
2. Remember to change the configuration of the Internet Mail Service to use this newly created phonebook entry.
3. To test this, send another message and check the event log.
Reference LinksSBS IMC 4106 Event: The Parameter is Incorrect

XFOR: IMS/IMC Will not Dial an ISP as Specified

XFOR: Err Msg: The Remote Access Service Phone Book Cannot be Opened

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