Event ID - 4081

Event Id4081
DescriptionMessage could not be processed
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

This error may occur when the inbound SMTP mail message contains a reference to a character set that is not installed on the Microsoft Exchange Server. To verify this as the source of the problem, look for following field in the SMTP header of the message (there may be more than one):
Content-Type: <content type>; charset=<character set id>
Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has the proper code page installed for the character set referenced by charset.
To avoid receiving the content conversion error stated above, install the proper code page for the character set referenced in the mail message.
For additional information on how to add code pages to a Windows NT Server using the Control Panel, International, Language applet, please see the Q151701.
Reference LinksQ151701:How to Manually Add Code Pages for Mixed Languages

Event 4081 Occurs When IMC Encounters Invalid Code Page

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