Event ID - 4071

Event Id4071
DescriptionUnable to start the Internet Mail Service because it has not been configured.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
In some cases, the error appears only when the Internet Mail Service starts automatically after you restart your computer. If you manually start the Internet Mail Service, it may work correctly in these instances.
The error occurs when the Internet Mail Service is unable to obtain a pointer to the Internet Mail Service administrator mailbox during initialization of the service. This usually means that the Internet Mail Service administrator mailbox has not been set, is incorrect, or is inaccessible.
Ensure that you set a correct, and accessible mailbox for the Internet Mail Service administrator mailbox. To locate the administrator mailbox, go to the Internet Mail tab of the Internet Mail Service properties. If no mailbox has been specified, you should specify one. If the mailbox is incorrect (if it does not exist, for example), change it to a different mailbox. If everything appears to be correct, change it to point to a different mailbox, click OK to accept the change, and then go back into the properties of the Internet Mail Service. Change it back to the original mailbox, and then click OK to accept that change. This should reset the mailbox internally.
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