Event ID - 4070

Event Id4070
DescriptionAn error occurred while opening a temporary message file. Verify that the message spool directories are configured correctly and are readable by the Internet Mail Service.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
An application or a user may have deleted the Exchsrvr\Imcdata\In directory. When permissions on the C:\Exchsrvr\Imcdata\In directory are not set to Read Only, the directory may be deleted or renamed by any outside agent during Internet Mail Service operation.
1. Verify that the C:\Exchsrvr\Imcdata\In directory exists before restarting the Internet Mail Service.
2. Recreate the directory if necessary.
3. Set the Everyone groups access level to the Imcdata directory to Read Only, and restart the Internet Mail Service.
Reference LinksXIMS: Internet Mail Service Fails to Start and Logs 4070 and 4131 Errors

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