Event ID - 4056

Event Id4056
DescriptionUnable to parse the delivery route anlsf.msbp.co. Since errors in delivery routing parameters can result in misrouted mail, the Internet Mail Service will not start until this error is corrected.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The Imcadmin.dll file corrupts the heap when there are too many entries in the table.
The new Imcadmin.dll file only prevents the problem from reoccurring. You still need to perform the following steps to resolve the situation that is currently occurring:
1. Run IMCCOPY (from the Exchange 5.5 Server CD \server\support\utils\i386) to copy out the information. Command line:
IMCCOPY -save routes c:\exchsrvr\imcdata\save.txt
2. Open Save.txt.
3. Look for the [Routes] section. It should look similar to the following:
4. Delete everything after DeliveryRouting= and before DefaultRouting=.The updated list should look like:
5. Save the updated file to save_fix.txt.
6. Run IMCCOPY again to restore. Command line:
IMCCOPY -restore routes c:\exchsrvr\imcdata\save_fix.txt
7. Start the Internet Mail Service and verify that it starts.
8. Run ADMIN to verify routes are gone.
9. Next, either re-enter the routes manually via ADMIN or "restore" the routes using IMCCOPY. Edit the save_fix.txt file and add the routes using the [Routes] above as a guide. Then use the following command line:
IMCCOPY -restore routes c:\exchsrvr\imcdata\save.txt
10. Restart the Internet Mail Service.
Reference LinksXADM: Administrator Program Corrupts the IMC Routing Table

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