Event ID - 4037

Event Id4037
DescriptionError Finding the Path to the '<file name>' in: Directory pointed to in the sh_sh_.env file, Windows Directory or, Directory pointed to by the registry entry <value>. Can't continue.
Event InformationMigration Wizard could not find the path to the binary initialization file (.bif). Migration Wizard searches (1) the Windows directory, (2) the path specified by the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WPConfig\Apps\OFWin41\Paths\SoundsDir key, and (3) after "/PI" in the sh_sh_.env file at the path specified by the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WPConfig\shwin2x\Preferred key. If the path isn't found, migration stops. Run the GroupWise client, locate the .bif file, and verify that it is located at one of the search locations.
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