Event ID - 4037

Event Id4037
DescriptionAn exception has occurred which was handled internally by the Internet Mail Service. This may have resulted in a message not being delivered. Code: 0xc0000005 Flags: 0x00000000 Address: 0x0044e05c
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The memory heap will be corrupted if a function call fails when moving inbound mail from the Exchsrvr\Imcdata\Work directory to the Exchsrvr\Imcdata\In directory for any reason other than file name collision. This corruption occurs when the event is logged.
To confirm the settings on the Internet Mail Service connector, start the Exchange Server Administrator program. The connector configuration that generates this error is a dial-up connector that has logon information defined. The Domain field contains a name that has 18 or more characters.
The name defined in the Domain field for logon information is the Windows NT domain, not an SMTP domain name. Valid Windows NT domain names have 15 or fewer characters. Change the value of this field to the appropriate Windows NT domain name and restart the computer.
This problem may result from a corrupt message in the Exchange Server directory (the Imcdata\In or IMCdata\Out directories). Resolving this condition is the subject of this article.
The same error and symptom may result from a corrupted message in the message transfer agent (MTA) store.
To resolve this problem:
1. Stop the Internet Mail Service using the Kill.exe file or the Tlist utility from the Windows NT Resource Kit or BackOffice Resource Kit. The IMC service should be displayed as stopped in Control Panel when you double-click Services.
2. Create two sub-directories called Temp under the Imcdata\In and Imcdata\Out directories.
3. Move all the files from the Imcdata\In directory to the Imcdata\In\Temp directory and from the Imcdata\Out directory to the Imcdata\Out\Temp directory.
4. Delete the Imcdata\queue.dat file.
5. Restart the Internet Mail Service. If it starts and stays on, test the normal operation, and then move to step 7.
6. If the IMC stops again, the corrupt message is not in
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