Event ID - 4031

Event Id4031
DescriptionThe message could not be delivered. The destination server reported: 550 Invalid Domain.
Event InformationIf you send outbound Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail, a non-delivery report (NDR) similar to the following is displayed:
550 Invalid Domain. 
The above NDR is also logged in the application event log.
This problem may be caused by a Domain Name System (DNS) record that points to the wrong mail host for a certain domain. This incorrect DNS information causes Exchange Server to connect to the wrong mail host when you try to send mail to a recipient in another domain, which generates the error message in the "Symptoms" section of this article.

This problem may also be caused by the incorrect configuration of an "echo firewall." The echo firewall is an advanced device that verifies every command that is sent to the Exchange Server computer. This type of firewall cannot be a Network Address Translation (NAT) or packet-filter device. If you incorrectly configure this firewall so that it does not accept mail from a domain that it needs to accept mail from, the error message in the "Symptoms" section of this article may also be displayed. The mail never resides on the firewall, but passes through it. 
Use the NSLookup utility to make sure that the MX and A records of the Exchange Server domain on the Internet are correct.

If the problem is related to the incorrect configuration of an echo firewall, then correct the configuration of the firewall.
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