Event ID - 4026

Event Id4026
DescriptionUnable to bind the outbound TCP/IP.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
The problem may occur due to the following reasons (from the common problem to rare problem):
1. Unexpected error from the third party products that was installed on the Exchange server - usually Anti Virus and spam software.
2. Abnormal network communication device/s - usually it is bad network adapter or switch.
3. Proxy/VPN/Firewall client was installed on the Exchange server.
4. The Exchange server cant send SMTP traffic due block SMTP port (Usually TCP Port 25).
5. Abnormal network adapter driver.
6. Abnormal TCP/IP.
7. Missing / corrupted Exchange 5.5 Service Pack DLL/s or/and operating system DLL/s.
1. Verify that you have the latest version of the third party products installed on your server. Its recommend to contact the third party support before making any changing in the server.
2. Replace the abnormal network communication device/s. A common problem is switch memory overflowed and reboot the switch may give temporary answer to this problem.
3. Uninstall any Proxy/VPN/Firewall client from the server.
4. Verify inbound and outbound SMTP connection from the Exchange server to the internet (or mail realy).
5. Upgrade the network adapter driver to the latest version.
6. Reinstall TCP/IP on the server.
7. Reinstall Exchange 5.5 Service Pack and hotfixes + Operating system Service Pack and hotfixes.
Reference LinksEvent ID 4026: "Unable to bind the outbound TCP/IP" error message under Exchange 5.5 Server

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