Event ID - 4007

Event Id4007
DescriptionMessage delivery to the host <host name> failed while delivering to the remote domain <name> for the following reason: <text> The SMTP verb which caused the error is <text>. The response from the remoteserver is <text>.
Event InformationCAUSE:
This Warning event is logged when Exchange cannot deliver a message to a remote host. The event description should specify the reason for the failure.
Some common reasons for this Warning event include the following:

1. The connection was dropped by the remote host.
2. The remote SMTP service rejected AUTH negotiation.
3. The server trying to deliver the message cannot access the message delivery information in the message.
4. An SMTP protocol error occurred.
5. The server that is trying to deliver the message cannot connect to the remote server.
6. If a smart host has been specified in the properties of the SMTP virtual server, this event can be logged if the smart host is unreachable for any reason.

1. Make sure that the SMTP virtual server and SMTP connector are correctly configured. For example, on the properties of the SMTP virtual server, you should make sure that the smart host specified is a valid, functional smart host.
2. Look for DNS name resolution problems.
3. Check any events that come before or follow this event message to determine whether they explain the underlying reason for the message delivery failure.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.7638.0 Event Source: MSExchangeTransport Event ID: 4007

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