Event ID - 4001

Event Id4001
DescriptionMessage delivery to the remote domain %1 failed. The error message is %2.
The SMTP verb which caused the error is %3. The response from the remote server is %4
Event InformationCAUSE:
This event may be seen when the SMTP Service on an Exchange 2000 Server has one or more mail-delivery problems. These mail-delivery problems could be caused by several factors like DNS, IP Configuration, wrong DLL files installed, etc. Look at the description section of the event for more information on the underlying cause.
As mentioned above, there may be several causes, but the following three are most common.

1. Internet facing Network Card is lower in the binding order than the Internal facing Network Card.
2. The Domain Name System (DNS) server does not support TCP queries.
3. The DNS server is unable to resolve names.
4. The SMTP Virtual Server or SMTP Connector may be misconfigured.

1. Change the IP Configuration so that the Internet facing Network Card is higher up in the binding order.
2. Use a different DNS Server that supports TCP Queries. Alternatively, configure the DNS Server so it does not use TCP queries and uses (User Datagram Protocol) UDP instead.
3. Ensure that the DNS Server configured for use by the Exchange 2000 Server is able to resolve names correctly.
4. Check and make sure that the SMTP Virtual Server and/or the SMTP Connector is/are correctly configured.
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