Event ID - 37

Event Id37
Description<application> terminated unexpectedly
Event InformationCAUSE: The Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver can process queries in the background. This "background fetching" feature, also called "progressive fetching" or "asynchronous fetching", should be disabled if the ODBC driver is being called by a multi-threaded application such as ASP.
RESOLUTION: To resolve this issue, disable the Fetch data in background feature on the IIS server that uses ADO with the ODBC Visual FoxPro ODBC driver :
1) Run Control Panel.
2) Select the ODBC Data Source icon.
3) Select the File DSN tab.
4) Select the entry matching your Visual FoxPro connection.
5) Select Configure.
6) Select Options.
7) Clear Fetch data in background.
8) Click OK twice to save the settings.
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