Event ID - 3619

Event Id3619
DescriptionCould not write a CHECKPOINT record in database ID %d because the log is out of space.
Event InformationCAUSE:
The transaction log for the specified database has reached its capacity. The limit could be due to a configuration setting or to the amount of physical space available for one or more of the files configured for this database.

Follow these steps:
1. Issue the BACKUP LOG statement to remove committed transactions from the transaction log.
2. If the database has been marked suspect, execute sp_resetstatus with the database name as the parameter, and then restart the SQL Server instance.
3. If the transaction log has grown larger than necessary, you can now shrink the log.the transaction log.
4. Determine why the transaction log grew unexpectedly and adjust your configuration and/or your applications to compensate.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: SQL Server Version: 2000.80.760.0 Event Source: MSSQLServer Event ID: 3619

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